Does the future of business leadership rely on a long string of beautiful design innovations? How is consumer collaboration and social trends impact the future of products and social tools and experiences?

The ‘Creativity Everywhere’ theme features:

  1. 1.Digital approaches and collaborative models to doing business.

  2. 2.Social-led thinking and design “know-hows” at the heart of new, irresistible experiences and life-changing products.

  3. 3.Winning innovation cultures in health, energy. finance, manufacturing, infrastructure, technology and retail.

How can business remain creative and profitable in the transformation economy?

To learn more about the draft program, please visit our roadmap.

"What concerns me when I work, is not whether the picture is a landscape, or whether it's pastoral, or whether somebody will see a sunset in it. What concerns me is - did I make a beautiful picture?”        


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