The ‘Livability = Sustainability +’ theme features:

  1. 1.Product and space Innovations minimizing carbon footprint, and positively contributing to natural biodiversity, CO2 capturing and natural cooling.

  2. 2.Meaningful Brands turned to icons through sustainable products that helped people achieve their future goals.

  3. 3.Progressive multidisciplinary studios and authentic work-play-live spaces that promote greater creativity, connected learning and human wellbeing.

To learn more about the draft program, please visit our roadmap.

“We must be aware in developing new technology, that it will not become another cause for breakdown in the diversity and balance of nature.”

How can business shape spaces and products in a way that are socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable, and authentically creative to make our world much more livable?

How do you make spaces for the creative economy?  What are the best practices driving “complete” vibrant environments for a socially diverse community to “innovate, live, play and learn”? Who are the enterprises delivering products that are transitioning us to “living without oil”? How are leading innovators creating “ultra-smart, ultra-light” solutions?


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