An open abstraction of a beautiful fractal illustrating a complex internet of forms, layered shadows, stored data and trapped objects. All connected via lines that might point the way to riveting insights about how we think, analyze, enjoy, learn and connect.

How can business improve digital life by delivering smarter mobility?

What are the opportunities for the Internet of Things? Why do we need more intelligent interfaces, devices and systems? How are predictive, video and audio analytics transforming business? Who are the world’s top mobile digital disruptors?

The ‘Mobility for Digital Life’ theme features:

  1. 1.Disruptive mobile digital innovations that impact how we pay, connect, talk, play, learn, analyze, manufacture and publish.

  2. 2.Intelligent innovations creating the future of the industrial internet, including but not limited to, intelligent devices, systems and intelligent machines.

  3. 3.Infrastructure solutions for a hypermobile world such as telepresencing networks, digipads, lifeserve tech, next-gen user interfaces, RFID and more.

To learn more about the draft program, please visit our roadmap.

No. 5 is the world’s most valued art innovation.


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