2014 Cast: A Select Line-up of 75 Leaders

The Cast of the 2014 World Summit represents a private circle of over-achievers who take pleasure in creating meaningful designs and innovations to transform the future of business, society and environment. 

“A privilege. magnificent. 
please do it again.”

~ maria cattaui 
Vice ChaiR, ICG

* past presenter

Prashant Yadav

Director of Healthcare at William Davidson Institute; Faculty at Ross School of Business and the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan

Prashant Yadav is exploring the functioning of healthcare supply chains through empirical, analytical, and qualitative approaches. He is a leading expert on pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chains in developing countries and has published numerous scientific publications, which have been featured in prominent print and broadcast media.

Guy Wollaert 

SVP, Chief Technical and Innovation Officer, and Chief Architect of Innovation for Coca-Cola 

Guy Wollaert is known for his curiosity and propensity to continuously challenge the status quo to create new top-line or bottom-line value. He is the chief architect of Innovation for Coca-Cola, designing new approaches, work models and mindsets to accelerate new value across the organization. Fascinated by technology and the role it will have in disrupting every industry, he is driving new ways of working and seeking (seemingly) unlikely partnerships to bring new thinking to the table and to ensure the quality, safety and great taste of every Coca-Cola product sold in 207 countries around the world every day.

 Andrew Ng

Chief Scientist at Baidu,

Co-Founder of Coursera, and Faculty of Stanford University

Andrew Ng is pioneering artificial intelligence through the deep learning movement, seeking computer networks to solve complex problems without direct supervision at every step of the way. He helped create the world’s largest online education platform to deliver high-quality education for free and is listed in TIME’s 2013 100 most influential people, Fortune’s 2013 40 Under 40, and MIT Technology Review’s 35 Top Innovators Under 35.

Joe Incandela

Particle Physicist at the University of California; Fellow Scientist and Ex-Spokesperson of the CMS Experiment at CERN

Joe Incandela is uncovering the basic code of the universe by studying particles present in the early universe, collaborating on new technologies, and training the next generations of physicists. He led one of the two teams that discovered of Higgs boson, also known as the “God particle,” and is a winner of the Fundamental Physics Prize.

Joe Liu

SVP of Research & Development for 3M International and APAC

As head of 3M’s international research and development, Joe Liu is one of the architects of 3M culture of innovation. The breadth of his engagement spans  from developing “local market” frameworks, identifying microtrends, and focusing on customer connections that fuel innovation and high growth for 3M worldwide. He has 27 patents, 36 technical publications, and is a recipient of the Magnolia Silver Award from Shanghai City.

Matt Rogers

Co-Founder & VP of Engineering at Nest Labs

Matt Rogers is revitalizing a stagnant – yet very important – industry of home products by applying modern design and technology to create simple, beautiful, and thoughtful hardware and software services for a connected home. He is the creator of the Nest Learning Thermostat, winner of the ALVA award for the spirit of invention, and is listed in MIT Technology Review’s 35 Innovators Under 35. Matt was one of the first engineers on the original iPhone, and was involved in the development of 10 generations of iPod, 5 generations of iPhone, and the first iPad.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Astrophysicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a world-renowned astrophysicist and science communicator that is improving scientific literacy by making complex concepts accessible to every audience. He was a member of the White House commissions on the Future of the Aerospace Industry and US Space Exploration Policy, hosts the television series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey and the weekly radio show “Star Talk,” and is a recipient of the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal, and is a frequent guest on The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Real Time with Bill Maher.

Ryan Leslie

Multifaceted Musician and Founder of Disruptive Multimedia

Ryan Leslie is disrupting the music industry with a platform that redefines the barrier between artists and fans, taking out third parties and allowing for more direct engagement. He is a Grammy-nominated artist, multi-instrumentalist, rapper, singer, and entrepreneur who has produced music for platinum artists in a wide variety of genres including R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop.

William Murphy

SMD, CTO and Head of Innovations and Infrastructure at Blackstone

William (Bill) Murphy is improving the tools available to asset managers by evolving Blackstone’s technology to match its vaunted entrepreneurship. He was recognized by CIO Magazine as one of the 2013 CIO 100 and aims to turn technology knowledge into innovation through fostering unique partnerships and collaborations, effective transparency, rapid diversification, and data centralization. 

Anita Goel

Harvard-MIT Physicist-Physician,

Chairman and CEO of Nanobiosym

Anita Goel is a world-renowned scientist, physicist-physician, inventor, and global entrepreneur transforming healthcare delivery and diagnostics platforms to mobilize, decentralize, and personalize the next generation of healthcare on a global scale. She won the Grand Prize of the inaugural Nokia Sensing XPrize, was named one of MIT Technology Review’s 35 Top Innovators Under 35, was one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 10 Women to Watch in Tech, and her company was named one of the 56 Companies Changing the World by the Boston Globe.

Manu Asthana

President of Direct Energy Residential

Manu Asthana is guiding Direct Energy’s residential retail energy activities in North America by improving efficiency through innovative products and technologies. He has multiple success stories in energy trading and is helping people access energy to improve the quality of everyday life.

Soraya Darabi

Co-Founder of Zady

Soraya Darabi is disrupting the digital commerce landscape by creating a dynamic shopping experience and empowering customers to learn about the conscious consumer movement with the shopping platform Zady, one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies. She was featured on the cover of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business and Brandweek’s Hot Digital issues, was in Inc. Magazine's 30 Under 30, and joined the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders.

Harbir Chhina

Executive VP of Oil Sands at Cenovus Energy

With recognitions for top engineering and operations, Harbir Chhina is a proven game changer and one of the innovation leaders in Canada’s oil sands industry. Harbir is responsible for all oil sands activities at Cenovus Energy as well as leading the Technology Development team. Harbir was instrumental in the initial application of steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) - a technique used to produce the thick oil found hundreds of meters underground in the oil sands.

Mpule Kwelagobe

CEO of MPULE Institute for Endogenous Development, and Miss Universe

The first African woman to be crowned Miss Universe. She is the founder and CEO of the MPULE Institute for Endogenous Development, and the co-founder of Project Leverage, a women-led, women-owned agriculture accelerator fund. Mpule served as President and CEO of the MPULE Foundation, a US$100 Million fund she established to address the nexus of Agriculture and Human Development in Africa.  Mpule was selected by the World Economic Forum as both a Global Leader for Tomorrow (2003) and a Young Global Leader (2006), and appointed as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Youth and HIV/AIDS in 2000.

Arnold Lund

Technology Leader for the Connected Experience Labs (CEL) Research Organization for GE Software

Arnold Lund is transforming the next generation of user experience for the Industrial Internet by finding new ways to engage people at work in a post-desktop world. He is a leading world expert in human-computer interaction and holds over 20 patents.

Dana C. Bookbinder

Inventor, Corporate Fellow at Corning Incorporated

Dana Bookbinder is a prolific inventor with over 100 patents.  He has worked closely with a number of others to commercialize a wide range of products and processes including ClearCurve® optical fiber, optical glasses for lithography, life science labware, technical ceramics for catalytic converters, and Lexan® resin used in compact discs.  His work has been widely recognized, including receiving the R&D 100 and IEEE Corporate Innovation Awards and featured as one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of the Year.

Prithvi Shergill

Chief Human Resource Officer at HCL Technologies

Prithvi Shergill enhances individual and group capabilities by developing engaging environments that facilitate delivery of effective service and value. In his role as CHRO, he is the steward of HCL’s “Employees First” initiative to ensure policies, programs, processes, and practices for people at HCL support individuals to join, learn, perform, collaborate, and grow their diverse contributions and capability.

Ben Nelson

Founder and CEO of the Minerva Project

Ben Nelson is reinventing every aspect of the university experience by disrupting traditional concepts of campuses, curriculums, and cost models – without sacrificing the high-quality academic experience – to solve unmet demands of the elite education market. He already gained the biggest Silicon Valley seed investment of all time to further his work and has launched an annual $500,000 teaching prize that may rival the Nobel.

Chris Hughes

Chairman of Segovia and Co-Founder of Facebook and Founder of Jumo

Chris Hughes is using technology to enrich the lives of users by enabling the potential for organizing online, connecting with one another, raising funds, and providing big ideas from though-provoking perspectives.  He was the online coordinator and campaign strategist for Barack Obama’s unprecedented and hugely successful 2008 presidential campaign, co-founded one of the biggest social networking sites, is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in the media category, and a board member of GiveDirectly.

Danae Ringelmann, Co-Founder and Chief Development Office of Indiegogo

Danae Ringelmann founded Indiegogo to democratize access to capital. It is now the largest online funding platform that entrepreneurs, artists, and activists from every country and industry of the world use to raise millions every week for their endeavors. She was chosen as one of Fortune's 40 under 40 in 2013, ELLE Magazine's Top Women in Tech in 2014, and Fast Company’s Top 50 Women Innovators in Technology in 2011.

Jim Spohrer

Head of Cognitive Systems Institute at IBM and Director of IBM Global University Programs

Jim Spohrer is leading innovation in the largest economy sector in industrialized nations – the service sector. He is heading the development of the service systems interdisciplinary field and transforming learning, discovery, and sustainable development by aligning researchers from across the world.

Cory Countryman

CEO of Walnut Hill Medical Center 

Cory Countryman is reimagining healthcare and the patient experience by making a hospital that Steve Jobs would have built.  He is using concepts and practices from other industries to foster better design spaces, select the best employees, and provide patients and caregivers with new tools and up-to-date information.

Frank van Mierlo

CEO of 1366 Technologies

Frank van Mierlo is transforming the energy industry by making silicon-based solar cells competitive with coal-generated electricity. He works to make solar cheaper than coal by the end of the decade by reducing the cost of silicon wafers and aims to exploit the 130,000 TW of solar energy that reaches the Earth each year, compared to only 15 TW combined for coal, nuclear, and natural gas that people consume per year.

Carne Ross

Founder and Director of Independent Diplomat

Carne Ross is a former British diplomat who is advising marginalized countries and groups around the world to improve their diplomatic performance.  His freelance diplomacy helps people who would otherwise be strongly underrepresented in negotiations and has been profiled in multiple notable news sources.

Renaud Laplanche

Founder and CEO Lending Club

Sailing Champion

As Founder and CEO, Renaud is responsible for overseeing the overall strategic direction and operation of Lending Club, which he grew from a disruptive idea in 2006 to an industry leader that’s facilitated over $5 billion in personal loans and been named a Forbes Most Admired company for three years in a row. He was named a 2013 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Winner for Northern California, 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year at the BFM Awards, and in 2002 was honored with the HEC Entrepreneur of the Year award. He has also won the French sailing championshion in both 1988 and 1990.

Aaron Seitz

Founder of the UC Riverside Brain Game Center for Mental Fitness & Wellbeing, Carrot Neurotechnology and Fundamental Brain Games

Aaron Seitz is improving brain function with a neuroscience approach to brain training to enhance hearing, vision, and memory. He is creating a new generation of games and exercises that improve mental processes, promote mental fitness, and may lead to new therapies to rehabilitate patients with sensory deficits.

Martin J. Yudkovitz

Senior Advisor at The Walt Disney Company, (Retired) Head of Strategic Innovation at Disney and NYU Stern Professor

Marty Yudkovitz is a long-time senior media executive known for developing and integrating multiple businesses, platforms, and technologies across the media landscape.  Prior to Disney, during his 20-year tenure at NBC, he held positions including President of NBC Business Development and Founder and President of NBC Digital Media, leading the creation of such businesses as MSNBC with Microsoft and winning an Emmy Award. In between Disney and NBC, he served as President of TiVo, the pioneering DVR company.

Claudia Perlich

Chief Scientist of Dstillerly and General Chair of KDD 2014

Claudia Perlich is advancing predictive modeling and machine learning research, primarily in a digital advertising context, to develop novel solutions to personalized targeting, real time bid optimization, fraud detection, and causal estimation. She has received numerous industry awards, including Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People 2014, AMA 4 under 40 Emerging Leaders Award 2014, Wired UK Smart List 2013, Advertising Research Foundation’s (ARF) Grand Innovation Award 2013, and Crain’s NY 2013 annual 40 Under 40 list.

John Holtzman

Senior Vice President of Thought Leadership at AARP

Jody Holtzman develops and implements competitive strategies and partnerships with non-traditional players and stimulates innovation in the market that benefits people over age 50. His work has been published in Venture Capital Review, the Journal of Business Strategy, Competitive Intelligence Magazine, The Competitive Intelligence Anthology, and Making Cents Out of Knowledge Management.

Michael D. McCreary

Deputy Chief Technology Officer at E Ink

Michael McCreary is leading the invention of new electronic paper and electronic inks that are disrupting the way we read books and how we will see the world in the future through personal devices, publishing innovations, and changing static ink and painted surfaces. He leads strategies and creation of advanced reflective imaging technologies that will enable new generations of novel display products.

Jessica Greenwalt

Founder of Pixelkeet and Co-Founder and Lead Designer of CrowdMed

Jessica Greenwalt is one of the world’s leading graphic designers and helped create a platform that provides a crowdsourcing solution for medical diagnostics. She is one of Inc. Magazine’s 10 Women to Watch in Tech and in Today’s Leading Women’s Power 50. 

Steven K. Feiner, Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University

Steven Feiner is changing how we see the world around us with augmented reality (AR). He created the first outdoor mobile AR system using a see-through display and continues to pioneer better ways to display AR information for people to interact with their surroundings. He won the IEEE VGTC 2014 Virtual Reality Career Award, the ACM UIST 2010 Lasting Impact Award, and was elected to the ACM CHI Academy.

Tim Marshall

Provost and Chief Academic Officer of The New School

Tim Marshall is the Provost of The New School and has won recognition as a creator of innovative academic programs in design research and educations. He co-founded Cadre Design group for web-based educational visualizations, is a member of St. Moritz Design Summit, an editorial board member of The Issues, and a visiting professor of design at China National Academy of Fine Arts in Shanghai.

Michael Leonard

SVP and Chief Economist at Alliant Insurance

Michael Leonard is risk management futurist that is transforming political and credit risk through ratings and financial models that have already enabled more than $10 billion of corporate expansions and acquisitions. He serves on the Board of the State Department-affiliated BCIU, is Chair of the Financial Roundtable, and is an adjunct professor at NYU. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg. 

Todd Dalland

Co-Founder and President of Pvilion Inc.

Todd Dalland provides high-design, mass-produced, architectural solar installations for shelters, shade structures and clothing that produce renewable energy by integrating flexible photovoltaic panels with flexible materials. He has completed hundreds of tensile structures worldwide, licensed tent designs approaching $3B in sales, and has received awards, patents, and Fellowship in the AIA.

Mark Hatch

CEO and Co-Founder of TechShop

Mark Hatch is a recognized leader in the global maker movement and under his leadership TechShop revenue grew twentyfold in five years. In 2013 his book, The Maker Movement Manifesto, was released by McGraw-Hill Education, and San Francisco Business Times recognized Mark as one of Bay Area’s Most Admired CEOs.

Tracey McKibben, President and Founder of MAC Energy Advisors

Tracy McKibben is driving the energy sector by advising companies and investors on alternative energy, clean technology, sustainability management, and strategic opportunities. She deals with multinational corporations to guide international energy policies.

Ben Glass

CEO of Altaeros Energies and Inventor of Airborne Wind Turbine

Ben Glass is an energy entrepreneur who is generating low cost renewable energy by harnessing strong winds found at higher altitudes. His company aims to provide inexpensive power to millions of people who do not have reliable access to the grid, while ultimately displacing expensive diesel and reducing environmental impact.

Marcus Weller

Chairman & CEO of Skully Inc.

Marcus Weller is pioneering augmented reality solutions for the consumer market with a motorcycle helmet that offers a display to show navigation and a rearview camera feed. His company was honored as a top ten invention by CNN, won best wearable tech at SXSW, and his innovation leadership has been recognized by FastCompany, Popular Science, and USA Today.

Michael Thali

Chair of the Institute of forensic medicine at the University of Zurich, and Co-Founder of Virtopsy

Michael Thali is creating a virtual alternative to traditional autopsies using scanning and imaging technology. He is a leading world expert in the field, has co-authored over 175 papers on forensic radiology and virtual autopsy, and is an Ig Nobel Prize winner.


Charlie O’Donnell

Founder and Partner at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

Charlie O’Donnell is cultivating community-building for great companies to thrive within strong networks by investing in early stage companies in New York. He co-founded a Business Insider Startup 2009 Conference Finalist, is a three-time recipient of the Alley Insider 100 Most Influential People in NY Tech, and was on the original board of the New York Tech Meetup. 

Munal Malhotra

Vice President of Product Development of Assurant Specialty Property

Kunal Malhotra identifies new markets and develops innovative products, strategy, and development within Assurant, a holding company providing niche-market insurance products. He is an expert in risk and financial services, customer discover, radical innovation, technology strategy development, and product management.

Risa Lavizzo-Mourey

President and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Risa Lavizzo-Mourey is leading the research, evaluation, and implementation of transformative programs to achieve lasting social change and tackle the nation’s most pressing health issues. She is a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the President’s Council for Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. She has received numerous honorary doctorates and awards including commendations from the Harvard School of Public Health and the American College of Physicians and is the author of several books and dozens of articles.

Marguerite Broadwell

Innovation and Integration Lead at NASA

Marguerite Broadwell is responsible for increasing innovation and affordability in NASA’s Human Space Exploration programs to make the impossible possible. She is identifying, leading, and implementing innovative policies and approaches in strategic partnership with industry and across NASA. She is the former executive director of NASA’s Advisory Council, a recipient of a NASA Exceptional Service Medal, and a NASA Group Achievement Award for her service on the President’s Commission on Implementation of the US Space Exploration Policy.

Antonio Zea

Global Football
Innovation Director at Adidas

Antonio Zea (and his team) is creating the foundation for the future of soccer by researching, designing, marketing, testing, and manufacturing new footwear and ball technologies for the most viewed event in sports. His team developed and field tested the Brazuca, the ball used in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

John Katzman

Education Entrepreneur and Founder of Noodle Education, 2U, and The Princeton Review

John Katzman is changing how people find education resources with a hyper-personalized aggregator of educational information, resources, and experts. He seeks to realize a seismic change to the education sector to ultimately dramatically lower tuition while improving quality.

Jonathan Howes

Co-Founder and CTO of Isentropic

Jonathan Howes is changing energy generation and storage with his cost-effective and efficient PHES technology that stores electric energy as heat. His unconventional approach grid-scale energy storage, considered the holy grail of renewable energy, promises to be the cheapest and most convenient way to store and recover electricity.

Stephen Mullennix

Senior Vice President, Solar Reserve

Stephen Mullennix helped found and grow SolarReserve to commercialize the world’s leading utility scale solar power with storage.  SolarReserve has $1.8 billion worth of power projects in construction and operation globally.  Stephen leads corporate development and asset management to bring an innovative technology to life in a global energy industry.  These highly complex transactions result in significant positive commercial, environmental and social benefit in their local communities and beyond.

MIchael Dulin

Chief Clinical Officer for Analytics & Outcomes Research at Carolinas Healthcare System

Michael Dulin is enhancing primary care access for vulnerable populations and improving the quality of primary care services through community-based participatory research. His goal is to vastly increase healthcare access and positively impact community health using geo-spatial models to map and evaluate socioeconomic data, particularly for disadvantaged and uninsured populations.

Steve Heck

Chief Technology Officer at Getty Images

Steve Heck is helping advance search and image recognition technology to allow creative storytellers to pursue their ideas wherever they are. He oversees the global technology infrastructure to create a more visual world with new channels to deliver content, and he has been honored with the Samasource Impact Award.

Lucy Dunne

Associate Professor and Director of the Apparel Design Program and the Wearable Technology Lab at the University of Minnesota

Lucy Dunne is advancing wearable technology, smart clothing, and apparel design by investigating design, sensors, the complexity of smart clothing applications, and approaches to mass manufacturing of textile-integrated electronics. She is a recipient of the National Science Foundation CAREER award, the NASA Silver Achievement Medal, and the Lectra Innovation Award for Faculty Research. 

Sheldon Himelfarb

Director of Media, Technology, and Peacebuilding at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP)

Sheldon Himelfarb is changing the way we make and manage peace with the help of media and technology. He is an award-winning filmmaker, former NPR commentator, and author of numerous articles on politics, popular culture, and conflict. He has managed peacebuilding programs in numerous conflicts and is a recipient of the Capitol Area Peace Maker award.

Adrian Thomas

Vice President, Head of Global Public Health at Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Adrian Thomas helps bring innovative solutions for prevention and treatment to ensure sustainable access to healthcare for more patients worldwide. He is a fellow of the Royal Australasian Colleges of Physicians and the College of Medical Administrators and has expertise in market access and pharmaceutical policy, public health, and commercial strategy.

Sandra Richter

Co-Founder and CEO at Changing Environments; Research on Persuasive Urban Mobility at MIT Media Lab

Sandra Richter is using technology to look at questions our society wants answered. She is a market scientist focusing of persuasive technology by seeking the connection between data, psychology, and urban mobility. Sandra helped invent Soofa, the solar-powered city bench that also collects data and powers cellphones and was listed in Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business.

Richard Boly

Founder and Curator at Bethesda Visual Creatives

Richard Boly is a career US Diplomat that is helping advance diplomacy and US foreign policy interests with effective knowledge-sharing, global entrepreneurship, and innovative technology solutions. He is a winner of the Cobb Award for commercial diplomacy, a recipient of the Security and International Affairs Medal, and one of FierceGovernment’s Fierce 15.

Omar Khan

Co-CEO at NQ Mobile

Omar Khan is redefining the future of digital life through innovative mobile security solutions that protect our online interactions and payment transactions. Before joining NQ, Omar led the mobile strategy and products of Samsung Mobile as well as Citi’s global mobile platforms and solutions.

Jayson Yuan

Managing DIrector of CircleUp

Jayson is helping to disrupt private investing at CircleUp, an online marketplace connecting investors and private companies that was named CNBC’s Top 5 Most Disruptive Companies in Finance and Forbes’ America’s Most Promising Companies. Jayson is a Mayfield Fellow and has expertise in private equity, supporting entrepreneurs at all stages of the company life cycle, as well as technology and consumer companies.  

David Gallon
Strategic Innovation Manager at
Toyota Motor Sales

David Gallon uses social trends to deliver a unique approach to foster innovation and business strategy to the automotive industry. He improves upon small failures in order to increase profits through untapped business opportunity areas.

Nancy McGaw

Director of the First Movers Fellowship Program and Deputy Director of the Business and Society Program at the Aspen Institute

Nancy McGaw created the Aspen First Movers Fellowship program, an innovation lab for exceptional business professionals with the ability and passion to imagine new products, services, and business models to achieve lasting, positive social change. She is a social intrapreneurship and leadership development specialist that helps build a cohort of leaders to collectively change how business is done and how business success is measured.

Martin Varsavsky

Founder and CEO of FON

Martin Varsavsky is an entrepreneur and philanthropist that is building the world’s largest global WiFi network and expanding WiFi signal with millions of worldwide hotspots. He founded seven companies in the past 20 years, including Spain’s second largest telecom, an early leader of the loft movement, a pioneer in AIDS and PSA testing, and a venture that invented call back and built the first pan European fiber optic network ahead of liberalization.

Michael D. Thomas

President & CEO of the New England Board of Higher Education

Michael Thomas is providing leadership to strengthen the relationship between higher education and economic wellbeing by expanding collaboration among leaders of business, government, and education. He works to increase education opportunities and address human capital and economic competitiveness issues.

Dong-Ping Wong

Co-Founder of Family New York

Dong-Ping Wong is giving a new role to the architecture of our cities by designing buildings that actively produce measurable and positive environmental, economic, and cultural impacts. Major works include a 600-unit energy-plus housing block in downtown Dallas, the stage design for Kanye West’s American Yeezus tour, and + POOL, the world’s first water-filtering floating pool that will be able to clean over half a million gallons of river water daily for public swimming. 

Scott Gilmore

Founder of Building Markets

Scott Gilmore is a social entrepreneur who is creating jobs and bringing investors to the fastest-growing economies in the world. He is an expert in conflict and post-conflict missions and strives to connect local entrepreneurs to new business opportunities to build markets, create jobs, and sustain peace in developing countries.  Scott curates a network of more than 16,000 local entrepreneurs and has helped local businesses worldwide win over $1 billion in contracts. 

David Kobia

Co-Founder and Director of Technology at Ushahidi

David Kobia is changing how communities face catastrophes and desperate situations around the world through crowdsourcing. He has worked with almost every web technology in use today and is listed as one of MIT Technology Review’s 35 Top Innovators Under 35.

Annette Richardson

Senior Advisor at the United Nations Office for Partnerships

Annette Richardson is developing strategic public-private partnerships to best align the United Nations with the Millennium Development Goals for maximum impact and sustainability on global initiatives.  She is an Honorary Ambassador of the University of Peace, received the 2010 Global Citizen Award and the 2010 Professional Woman of the Year Award by the National Association of Professional Women, is a member of the Board of the Health and Climate Foundation, and is the Vice President of UN Women for Peace.  

Noam Bardin

CEO of Waze and Co-Founder of Deltathree

Noam Bardin is redefining how mobile data is used to shape the future of cities by harnessing real-time GPS data from real-time navigation app Waze and its community of users. He is hailed as one of Business Insider's 100 Stars of Silicon Valley and his company Waze won the Best Overall Mobile App Award at GSMA Mobile World Congress and was bought by Google for more than $1 billion.

Caroline Vrauwdeunt

Founder of De Stedenfabriek (City Works)

Caroline Vrauwdeunt is changing urban development through a model of co-creation between stakeholders and end-users to produce collaborative urban regeneration. She is a social entrepreneur breathing new life into neglected urban spaces with open source, collaborative urbanism.

Linda Bernardi

Founder and CEO of StraTerra Partners

Linda Bernardi is a leading author/Disruptor & Technologist. She is the author of ProVoke, discussing the necessity of global disruption and innovation. works with global fortune 100 companies on innovation. An angel investor, board member & avid entrepreneur. In 2006 she sold her company ConnecTerra, Inc, in the area of RFID to Oracle Corporation.

Noramay Cadena

Boeing Engineer & Executive Director of the Latinas in STEM Foundation

Noramay Cadena’s by-the-community/for-the-community approach to inspiring and empowering women to pursue STEM fields will contribute to the tipping point of gender parity in the workplace. As a first generation college graduate with three degrees from MIT, she uses her engineering and business training to drive innovative pipeline programs across private, public, and nonprofit sectors.

David Algoso

Managing Director at Reboot

Dave Algoso is committed to disrupting corruption and delivering inclusive governance and services by architecting teams that bring complex, multi-stakeholder initiatives into reality. He is an accomplished international development practitioner, with expertise in youth and peacebuilding programs, and writes regularly on his popular blog ‘Find What Works’.

Philip E. Hendrix

Director, immr and GigaOm Research Analyst

Philip Hendrix is helping companies conceive and successfully launch emerging and industry-changing new products and services. He helps size markets, calibrate demand, and accelerate growth by focusing on innovation enabled by mobile, location, context, and data + analytics.

MIchael Liebow

Managing Director and Global Lead for Accenture Cloud

Michael Liebow is leading the strategy, partner ecosystem, and deployment of the Accenture Cloud Platform to companies worldwide using a blend of cloud services and Accenture’s own industry solutions. He is a former Fellow at the US Department of State, Startup CEO, and IBM Executive and thrives on big, disruptive transformations in large, complex organizations and markets. 

Sergio Alonso Fernández de Córdova Founder of PVBLIC Foundation and P3GM

Sergio is driving business and social change through initiating public-private partnerhsips. He is the co-chairman of the World Energy Forum’s Next Generation Energy leaders, a board member of the United Nations Foundation's Global Entrepreneurs Council, an official delegate for the US Department of State's Global Entrepreneurship Program, co-chairman of the G8 Young Summit, a member of the Council of Underserved Communities for the US Small Business Administration, National Co-Chairman for the Technology for Obama (T4O), and the co-chairman of the Young Leaders Board for the Global Center for Development and Democracy.

Desi Matel-Anderson

Chief Wrangler of the Field Innovation Team (FIT); CEO of the Global Disaster Innovation Group, LLC

Desi Matel-Anderson is providing real-time problem solving in disaster response and recovery through innovative problem solving in emergency management. She helps cultivate innovation in communities and was recently honored with the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award for the FIT team’s work in disaster and emergency management.

Falk Wolsk
Founder and CEO of Vibe Write

Falk Wolsky is revolutionizing hands-on information technology by connecting the real and digital worlds. He is shaping the digital content processing field with a pen that monitors spelling mistakes as you write, improving penmanship and legibility, and is listed in Fast Company’s 2013 100 Most Creative People in Business.

Hanna Aase, Founder and CEO of Wonderloop

Hanna Aase is a social media pioneer that launched the world’s first video-profile platform.  She aims to revolutionize how people discover those who share the same interests and create meaningful connections to foster collaboration on big ideas.

Tristan Pollock

Co-Founder and Head of Community at Storefront

Tristan Pollock is disrupting the retail real estate market to make it easier for retailers and artists to set up stores offline. Founded in 2012, Storefront helps connect storeowners and landlords with retail spaces they wish to rent out for short term pop-up experiences for artists, brands and boutiques in need of temporary quarters. Tristan is a serial entrepreneur passionate about technology, art, new media and revitalizing local economies. 

Jake Schwartz, CEO and Co-Founder of General Assembly

Jake Schwartz is helping people find the onramp for their careers by teaching the most relevant skills of 21st century through full-time immersive programs, long-form courses, as well as classes and workshops.  He is an entrepreneur and advisor for early and growth stage businesses and was recently named the Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.


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