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Days of Brilliance. Evenings of Splendor.

theWSIE 2012 brought together the world’s most riveting people to plot the new frontier of the smarter innovation economy.

Ingredients: 600+ innovators, 168 speakers from 50 nations gathered to enjoy the experiences and sessions of theWSIE 2012. Collectively, they explored some of the world’s most positive innovations. They seeded new partnerships to alter the way they learn and live... create and innovate... invest and lead. They shared the inside stories of what makes their communities and their businesses the home to smarter innovations to transform our future.

In this context, theWSIE 2012 produced five primary outcomes:

  1. 1.Launched the world’s first water innovation exchange. The initiative was founded by Sam Hamdan and Mike Turillo, with leading collaborators such as IBM, BASF, P&G, Coca Cola, Nestle, Veolia, gsk, Kraft Foods, and Lockheed Martin. Join us at

  2. 2.Inspired 3,000 interconnections among the delegates and members of theWSIE 2012.

  3. 3.Acknowledged 100 global ideas and enterprises transforming our society. The Global Hot 100 will be featured in a new publication,  The new online media portal will be dedicated to showcasing those smarter innovators improving life, saving lives.

  4. 4.Launched the world’s first grass-root movement focused on Innovation for Prosperity (i4P). The water innovation exchange is the first application of i4P. More on i4P in January 2013.

  5. 5.Celebrated the achievements of seven remarkable leaders in energy, health, education, communication, cities, and lifestyle. More info on

James J. Collins Inventor of the Year Scientist, Harvard and Boston University

Reprogramming Life

David Jones

Global CEO, Havas

The Future of Marketing Innovations

Edward Gilligan

Vice Chairman, American Express

The Future of Financial Innovations

Barbara Bennett

CFO, United States EPA

Investing in Smarter Sustainability

Sam Hamdan Curator, theWSIE 2012

Smarter Innovations, Smarter Prosperity

Susan Athey

Chief Economist, Microsoft

Titans of the Innovation Economy


Frank Van Mierlo

CEO, 1366 Technologies

Solar at the Cost of Coal

Rogier Van Der Heide

Chief Design Officer, Philips Lighting

Slim Design, Slim Cities

Rahul Mehrorta

Chair, Department Urban Planning & Design, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Greener Cities, Better Life

Robert S. Langer

Institute Professor, MIT

Biomaterials for the 21st Century

Hinda Miller

President, DeForest Concepts

Women in Boardrooms

Kristina Ingolfsdottir

President of Iceland University

Reinventing University

Al Bunshaft

MD, Dassault Systems

Immersive 3D Experiences

Hirofumi Yokoi

Co-Founder & President, Akira

Social Innovation Bridges

David Edwards

Founder & Director, Le Laboratoire

Designs That Matter

Alex “Sandy” Pentland

Chief Scientist, MIT Media Lab

Beyond Adam Smith: Society After Big Data

Lars Hard

CEO, Expert Maker

Learning intelligence

Christion Thirion

Managing Director & CTO, Sirion Biotech

How Saving Lives Just Got Better

Bob Girling

Partner & Founder, Artefact

Designing for a Preferable Future

Jane Stevenson

Vice Chairman, Korn/Ferry International

Winning: Innovators Breaking Away

Simon Ewings

Design Director, Snohetta

Architecture Speaks: I Love Me

Emir, Simone, Mirek & the Gang

Rythm of the Universe

Play to Innovate

Geraldine Hamilton

Advanced Technology, Wyss Institute, Harvard

Biologically Inspired Engineering. Revealed.

Piya Sorcar


Averting AIDS through Education

Chris Meyer

Founder & CEO, Monitor Talent

Big Data, Bigger Decisions

Eric Bonabeau

Chairman, Icosystems

The Physics of Big Data

Marta Gonzalez

Scientist, MIT Media Lab

Smarter Mobility, Smarter Infrastructure

Anthony Vanky

Director, MIT SENSEable City Lab

Here Comes the SENSEable City

Christopher Ahlerberg

CEO & Founder, Recorded Future

The Best Predictions We Ever Made

Jorge Mendoza and Sergio Fernandez

Co-Founders, ChickenBrainKen

On Being Nuts and Acting Like It

Nathan Eagle

CEO, Jana

Reaching 2 Billion Consumers

Entrepreneurs Altering the World

Pitching Pavilion

30 seconds Pitches

The Global Hot 100

Innovation Showcase

100 Hot Enterprises

Innovation Fusion. Blending Meaningful Innovations

theWSIE 2012 featured 168 presenters from across all parts of society: future designers, chief executives, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Jed Willard

Director, Harvard Public Diplomacy Collaborative

Will a Diplomacy Spring Follow the Arab Spring?


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